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Amelie Hennessy is a licensed real estate broker with 15+ years experience as a landlord and property manager.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance as well as a Master’s degree in Project Management. She previously worked in the finance industry and has held the securities licenses 6, 7 and 63. Her combination of real estate and finance knowledge make her the perfect person with whom to entrust the day-to-day operation of your properties. She truly is “the key to your peace of mind.”


Josh Hennessy was a professional hockey player for 13 years, having previously played in the NHL for the Ottawa Senators and Boston Bruins. After purchasing their first multi-family house at the age of 23, Josh and Amelie quickly developed a passion for real estate investing. Together, they have built a substantial and successful portfolio of rental properties and don't attempt to hide the fact that they, too, are landlords. They are now proud to offer their services and efficient systems to fellow landlords who are eager to unload their daily stresses onto a qualified and willing team.



"Seasoned real estate investors with over 15 years in the industry, we know the vital importance of strong, efficient property management. We see property management through the eyes of our clients because we have been in your shoes, and we will treasure the responsibility of protecting your investment while enhancing your bottom line. We look forward to becoming your real estate partner.”


-Amelie and Josh

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